- Find everything on my December 2011 DXpedition E44PM here

- On Saturday, April 9th, 2011, I was operating as HB0/HB9IQB from near Vaduz with my K2 and a 17 m delta loop (depicted below) I have once built using a HB9QQ construction scheme. 


- Due to time restrictions, I've decided to participate in the CQ WW CW 2010 on November 27-28 on the fly, i.e. without technical, physical or mental preparation, and I chose a category which would allow for a rest in the night: 20 m (HP, AS). I returned to SO1R for this one, having 800 Qs, 100 DXCC and 20 zones in mind. I was surprised to total over 900 Qs, 120 DXCC (including 1-day DXCC) and 36 zones, that is 4 shy of the total, in this presumably last non-cw-skimmer contest of mine. I should have insisted even more on zone 21 (JT5DX) and two further ones for an even better zone result. I was using the FB 53 (Fritzel) some 15 m high. Operating time was 30 hours. Thanks for contacting me. Take a look at the setup below.


- From 23 to 28 August 2010, I did operate as SV5/HB9IQB from Rhodes Isl., Dodecanese, with a K2/100 and (very) short antennas. Are you in the log? Check: http://www.clublog.org/logsearch/SV5/HB9IQB. All QSOs have been uploaded to LoTW. Check also the "Greek Islands on the Air" programme: www.greekiota.gr


K2/100 in SV5


- I took part in the Helvetia Contest 2010 along with Renato, HB9BXQ, and Norbert, HB9CUI, activating the Glarus Club Call HB9GL in Mullern GL in the Multi/Single CW category (2nd Place). Look here:


- I did participate in the CQWW CW 2009 Contest on November 28-29, 2009, and have reached 1642 Qs, adding up to 1,16 M points. Here's a clip showing my SO2R setup:


- Peri reaches top ten result in the World Wide Telegraphy Contest CQ WPX CW 2008 (SOAS, HP, 10 m): #8 WORLD


CQWW CW 2008 in Nuolen


How's propagation today, Peri?



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